Has your website been audited by GDS?

14 June 2021

As part of the implementation of the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018, Government Digital Services (GDS) conduct sample audits of public sector body websites and accessibility statements. This calendar year, GDS intend to audit 2000 public sector body websites. The sample will include parish, town and community council websites, local authority websites, colleges, hospitals, universities etc. Once a public sector body has been audited, the body has 12 weeks to respond to any shortcomings identified in the audit.

Alistair McNaught, a regular contributor to SLCC online training, is part of a working group who meet regularly with GDS to provide feedback from the sector.

Has your website been audited by GDS? If so, the Working Group would like to know how you found the experience so that they can provide feedback to GDS to enable them to provide a supportive and helpful experience.

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