Independent Review of the Ethical Standards Framework in Wales: Consultation

17 May 2023

In March 2021, an independent review was commissioned of the Local Government Ethical Standards Framework in Wales.  The Framework which extends to all local authorities, including town and community councils, has been largely unchanged for 20 years and the review was to ensure confidence in the system and reflect relevant and recent legislation.

Following the review, undertaken by Richard Penn (Independent Review of the Ethical Standards Framework), the Welsh Government has launched a consultation on its response to the report’s recommendations around the Welsh Model Code of Conduct, councillor training, the role of standards committees, sanctions, etc.  This provides an opportunity to comment on certain aspects of the government response and give general feedback too.

Click here for details about the consultation and how to respond to it. It runs to 23 June 2023.

This is important in terms of the wider Civility & Respect project and SLCC is encouraging its Welsh members to participate in this consultation and welcomes their input to its own corporate response as well.  Please send your feedback to [email protected] by midday on Monday 12 June.

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