Introducing the new face of SLCC – our new-look website!

31 January 2024

Our revamped website is now live, offering you a sleek, modern interface with more member-centric features planned for 2024.

The fresh and contemporary look considers three key elements, the layout of the landscape – how we use the space of the homepage and inner pages to their best; colour – using colour as a highlight and brand identity rather than a visual feature; branded style – this refers to the graphic and visual design element. In a nutshell, we wanted to provide you with a modern, clean-looking website that was consistent with the SLCC brand. We hope you like what you see, but we’d love to hear from you either way.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas to make your online experience even better, please don’t hesitate to share. Send your comments to Gemma Rickard, Head of Marketing & Communications, [email protected]

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