General Info

Council: Local Council Consultancy (LCC)

County: England & Wales

Salary: Dependent on work undertaken

Closing date: 31/05/2021

LCC Locum

Applications must be returned by 31/05/2021

The Local Council Consultancy (LCC), is the consultancy arm of SLCC Enterprises Ltd dedicated to ensuring best practice and continuous improvement in the local council sector.

Launched in late 2018 by SLCC, it seeks to provide councils with a value for money, sector-leading consultancy and locum service. Operating on a ‘profit-for purpose’ basis, all surpluses are re-invested to further the development of professional clerks and, through them, the development of the whole sector.

LCC is often contacted to provide locum support through our team of CiLCA qualified clerks. The requirement may arise due to sickness, maternity leave, vacancies or helping with workload, or a combination of factors. The work varies on an assignment-by-assignment basis and can be relatively short term for a few hours a week to a full-time or long-term commitment.

Locum work is rewarding, providing job satisfaction knowing that you are helping when help is needed. As assignments can be chosen to suit your skills and existing working patterns or personal commitments, being a Locum offers you flexibility, variation and valuable experience to enhance your cv.

We employ our locums and manage all aspects of PAYE, National Insurance, pension contributions and holiday entitlement which means that if you work with us in this capacity everything is taken care of.

LCC is always keen to hear from qualified clerks who would like to be part of the locum team so if you are interested in becoming a SLCC Locum, please contact Debra Harper at consultancy@slcc.co.uk with a cv and details of your possible availability.