Join the CSE’s Local Council Climate Pilot

24 November 2020

Bristol based energy charity, the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) are launching a pilot programme to support town and parish councils with monthly packages of content for communications campaigns about the climate emergency.

Climate change is an issue which challenges local authorities at every level and communicating information and ideas is just one of those which we face. Town and parish councils are ideally placed to introduce local solutions and influence behaviour change throughout their communities, this can however stretch the already limited resources of local councils. The CSE pilot, which will run for four months from December to March 2021 will provide ready-to-go content which can be shared in order to engage and inform the local community.

The content will be shared on a monthly basis and the content will be tailorable to local needs, unbranded and targeted at different audiences. Those councils taking part will also receive an 18 month communications calendar, as well as further resources and tips.

To find out more about joining this pilot, click here and complete a short survey.

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