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Q: Who are the Society of Local Council Clerks?

A: Founded in 1972, SLCC represent clerks to over 5,000 local councils in England and Wales.

As the professional body for local council clerks and senior council employees, we ensure that our members are equipped with the necessary knowledge, training and skills to thrive within their role and best support their council and community.

Q: If I join, who pays my subscription?

A: Either the clerk or the council can pay for the subscription. Many councils realise the benefits of having a clerk who is properly trained and fully briefed on the issues of the day and has access to fast accurate advice on the problems that they face. The majority of councils pay for the clerks subscription. See also ‘Under what power can my council pay my subscription?’

Q: Do I have to be a clerk to join?

A: No, membership is open to every clerk, deputy clerk, assistant clerk or other officer with deputising responsibility who work in the town, community & parish sector. All others with a role or interest in local councils may apply as an Affiliate Member. Click here to find out what type of membership you need.