LGA publish councillor workbook on equality, diversity and inclusion

22 June 2021

Following the recent elections in May there have been many first-time councillors elected and a new impetus for councillors – old and new- to attend training, in order that standards be raised throughout the sector.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has recently published ‘A Councillors Workbook on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’. The workbook, which is designed as a distance learning aid for local councillors does not have to be completed in one sitting, it is suggested that the learner completes the sections in the order in which they are written so that they can build upon the knowledge gained throughout. It is also possible to revisit individual sections in the future as a refresher.

The workbook includes sections on social inclusion in local government, discrimination, harassment and victimisation, preventing bias and features case studies, hints and tips and useful links for further information. There is also a section which focuses on The Equality Act 2010 and covers the main legislation within the Act.

Click here to access to the free workbook on the LGA website.

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