What is Your Council Doing to Make Cyber Security A Priority?

18 November 2020

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We only need to observe London’s Hackney Council as they continue to tackle the problems caused by last month’s “advanced, criminal cyber-attack” to know that the resulting financial and reputational costs can be devastating.

And with new research warning that nearly half of local government workers do not know what ransomware is², we are only too aware how vulnerable councils can be to cyber-attacks.

The Covid-19 crisis is undoubtedly testing all organisations’ cyber security, but when coupled with some of the budgetary constraints being faced by us all, it is easy to see how the pandemic has given rise to cyber attackers exploiting new gaps that urgently need addressing.

The CloudyIT Cyber Security Virtual Summit is a live event taking place online on Cyber Monday, 30 November 2020 from 9.45am – 2.00pm to help us address this very issue.

With a dedicated cyber security session for councils, and later sessions that bring together organisations of all kinds to share best practices, this event is specifically designed to help protect against the increasing cyber threats our organisations are facing today.

World-leading vendors are partnering on this free event to reveal just how sophisticated cyber-crime is becoming and the lengths to which attackers are going to steal credentials and defraud local authorities and other businesses.

There will be demonstrations, live Q&A panel discussion and exclusive Cyber Monday offers available to support all registered attendees.

For more information, and to register your free place at the event, visit: www.cloudyit.co.uk/cyber-security-virtual-summit/

Or contact CloudyIT on 01280 814 684 or by emailing: [email protected]

¹ Disclosed cyber-attack incidents targeting the Public sector in Q1 2020 increased 73% over the previous quarter in Q1 2020. (Source: McAfee Labs COVID-19 Threats Report, July 2020p9)

² “Nearly half of local government workers do not know what ransomware is, making councils more vulnerable to cyber attacks new research has warned.” Source: Local Gov, May 2020


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