Local Government Pay Claim 2022/23

22 August 2022

NJC Union Recommendations and Timescales for Consultation

The NJC Unions recommendations and timescales for their members views on the 2022/23 pay offer are:

Recommendation: neutral
Consultation has started and runs to 19 September 2022

Recommendation: neutral
Commences 22 August runs to 21 October 2022

Recommendation: rejection
Commencing from end of August running to 14 October 2022

The offer is for an increase of £1,925 on all scale points.

Once again it will not be until the end of October that the responses to this offer are known.

For those leaving or thinking of leaving their council during this time, the advice from the National Employers to councils is clear – that payment of arrears should be made “where requested”. Therefore, please put in your claim for the increase to be backdated from 1 April 2022 until the date of your leaving.


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