Local Government Pay Claim 2023/24: Trade Unions Reject Offer

9 March 2023

The trade unions have met with the National Employers and have rejected the offer made as being insufficient to meet the aspirations of their members. To recap the offer was an increase of £1,925 pa to SCP 2 – 43 or 3.88% to SCP 44 and above. The employers reaffirmed that this represents their “full and final” offer.

UNISON will now move to a ballot for industrial action while the GMB and Unite will consult members on the basis that the offer be rejected.


UNISON have said that their ballot will not commence until middle or late May. They say that this delay is because of the need to cleanse its membership records before a ballot for industrial action starts. Should they then meet the threshold for industrial action such action may not start until September.

GMB’s and UNITE’s consultative ballots will run from the end of March for 6 weeks. If the action is supported by members, then a ballot for industrial action will follow.

It is particularly disappointing that, once again, the likely outcome of these talks will be delayed by several months and it will probably be July or August before the position is clear.

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