Local Government Pay Claim 2023/24

26 February 2023

The National Employers have made a what they term “a full and final offer” in response to the pay claim received from the NJC Trade Unions. The details are:

  • With effect from 1 April 2023, an increase of £1,925 (pro rata for part-time employees) to be paid as a consolidated, permanent addition on all NJC pay points 2 to 43 inclusive.
  • With effect from 1 April 2023, an increase of 3.88 per cent on all pay points above the maximum of the pay spine (i.e. points 44 and above)

This offer would achieve a bottom rate of pay of £11.59 per hour with effect from 1 April 2023 (which equates to a pay increase of 9.42 per cent for employees on pay point 2) and everyone on the NJC pay spine would receive a minimum 3.88 per cent pay increase.

If this offer is accepted, it will mean that an employee on the bottom pay point in April 2021 (earning £18,333) will have received an increase in their pay of £4,033, which is 22.0 per cent over the two years to April 2023. For an employee at the mid-point of the pay spine (pay point 22), their pay will have increased over the same period by £3,850 (13.99 per cent).

The increase of £1,925 is the same amount that was agreed for the current year (2022/23)

They say that the total national paybill cost resulting from the offer would be £1.093 Billion or 6.42%

It is important to note that the increase of £1,925 is for up to point 43 only – the LC3 above substantive range begins at point 42, and scale points above that are offered an increase of 3.88%

The National Employers are also seeking “without prejudice” discussions with the NJC Unions on how to restructure the pay spine, bearing in mind the current and future increases to the National Living Wage.

All other aspects of the unions claim – annual leave, a reduction of the working week etc have been declined.

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