Local Government Pay Claim 2023/24

4 October 2023

Further to previous updates on the ongoing delay in the pay settlement. We realise the frustration that there is continuing delay before you can finally get the pay increase that has been outstanding since 1st April.

The Unions are due to meet after the GMB Ballot closes on 24 October and thereafter we hope that the settlement will be agreed and paid. It is hoped that this will be in time for the November pay, which will be some seven months after the anniversary date.

In the meantime, the employers’ side advises very strongly against imposing or implementing any pay increase as an interim payment before the collective bargaining process has concluded. Doing so they add would not only fragment the unity of the employers’ position but would also leave councils vulnerable to questions being asked by auditors about why, in the absence of a national collective agreement, expenditure has been incurred.

Further news on this will be issued as soon as we are aware.

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