Local Government Pay Claim 2023/4: Pay offer accepted

2 November 2023

We have been advised that following the close of the last remaining ballot, the Trade Unions have now accepted the pay offer for this year.

A reminder that the offer was for a flat rate increase of £1,925 for scale points up to SCP 43 and from SCP 44 and above an increase of 3.88%, with effect from 1 April 2023.

We will issue the revised pay rates when agreed with NALC shortly. Please do not rely on any others you see as these may have the hourly rate calculated on a different basis from what is agreed with NALC.

All councils are asked to make arrangements to pay the new rates and back pay as soon as possible.

The Trade Unions are now preparing their claims for next year and we urge all parties to try and conclude the settlement earlier than the seven months after the anniversary date it has taken to settle this year’s claim.

Local Government Pay