Membership Terms and Conditions

The Chief Executive of the SLCC is empowered to accept applications on behalf of the SLCC. He is also given power to reject a particular application and, if such circumstances arise, he will inform that applicant of the reasons for his decision and the appeal procedure that is available.

Once accepted as a member of the SLCC the member is required to comply with the current Articles of Association of the SLCC and the SLCC’s Code of Conduct (below)

The Data Protection Act 2018: by being a member you are giving consent to the data provided being held and used in accordance with the principles of the Act.

Full members of the SLCC will benefit from becoming members of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) which means that your name, council and email address will be shared with the IIMC. This is the international professional body for clerks with members based in a number of countries worldwide, particularly in The USA and Canada. For more information on the IIMC please visit If you do not wish to join the IIMC please email [email protected].

If a council has paid the membership subscription, then the membership remains with the council if the clerk leaves employment and the membership is transferred to the successor. The membership cannot be transferred to another council. If the clerk/officer has paid the subscription then the subscription remains with the clerk/officer.

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this membership agreement and no person other than you and the SLCC shall have any rights under it. The terms of this agreement or any of them may be varied, amended or modified or this agreement may be suspended, cancelled or terminated by agreement in writing between the parties or this agreement may be rescinded (in each case), without the consent of any third party.

Principal and Fellow members of the SLCC will receive professional recognition in the form of their name, council and membership level being published on the SLCC website here: If you do not wish your information to be published please email [email protected].

Professional Code of Conduct for Members of The Society of Local Council Clerks

On joining or renewing their subscription to the SLCC members of the SLCC, undertake to observe and be bound by the following Professional Code of Conduct. Breaches of the code may be considered under the provisions of the complaints procedure which, following due process may lead to sanctions up to and including expulsion from the SLCC.

Members of the SLCC

  1. give a commitment to work in the best interests of the council/office which they serve
  2. undertake to uphold high standards of impartiality and objectivity in providing guidance and advice while discharging their duties to their council
  3. undertake not to take any action which brings the SLCC or any of its members into disrepute
  4. undertake to provide all reasonable assistance and support to other SLCC members
  5. undertake to use all reasonable endeavours to enhance the standing and public recognition of the profession
  6. undertake not to take any action which would tend to undermine the standing and reputation of other SLCC members other than through recognised grievance and disciplinary mechanisms and processes described in relevant contracts of employment
  7. undertake to pay all subscriptions or other monies due to the SLCC by the due date
  8. will abide by the law. Any member who is convicted of an offence leading to a custodial sentence while a member of the SLCC will be subject to disciplinary procedures and membership may be terminated. Any member committing any other kind of offence which is likely to impact on membership of the SLCC may be subject to the requirements of the SLCC’s disciplinary procedures as appropriate.

I agree to abide by the conditions of membership as outlined above.