Middlewich Town Council Convene in Car Park

23 June 2021

Middlewich Town Council has held a meeting in a car park after the legislation to allow remote meetings expired.

As a result, Middlewich Town Council met outside its usual venue, Victoria Hall, on 21 June, due to the building being used as a vaccination centre. In a video shared on social media cars could be heard using the car park throughout the meeting and Lisa Benskin PSLCC, Town Clerk, said it was “extremely frustrating”.

The council’s alternative plans to meet indoors at the smaller Middlewich Methodist Church could not go ahead after Covid-19 rules on meetings were extended beyond 21 June and a postponement was not possible due to there being a time-sensitive item on the agenda.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has published guidance on how councils can minimise the risks of face-to-face meetings which is available here (section 3c).

The full article can be read on the BBC website here.

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