Moving to a domain: An update from The Parish Council Domains Helper Team on their service and an invitation to find out more

7 February 2024

We’ve been delighted with the response to the recent article in January’s SLCC magazine – thank you to all those councils who have already registered their interest in moving over to the domain via the Parish Council Domains Helper Service.  We had 33 clerks join our introductory sessions in January, with a further 30 already signed up to attend sessions in February.  We’re looking forward to meeting everyone!

How does the Parish Council Domains Helper Service work?

The Helper Service is designed to equip councils to move to a new domain.  Clerks will attend a series of four sessions that will:

  • Help them get the green light to move to a domain from their council
  • Choose the right domain registrar for their council’s individual circumstances
  • Get their new domain set up, and
  • Maintain good working practices

Each session is accompanied by a handy guide full of information, tips and templates to help them move through the steps for moving to a domain.

All councils using the Helper Service will receive:

  • Enhanced support from a short list of domain registrars who are experienced in working with councils
  • Access to Cabinet Office funding of £100 +VAT to help with their move

If your council is already a domain owner but you haven’t taken up services such as email or a website then the Helper Service, and associated funding, is still open to you.

We’d love to see you at one of our introductory sessions – you can register your interest by emailing us at [email protected].

Not quite ready for a domain?

Introductory sessions will be held throughout 2024 ensuring that councils can engage when they are ready to do so.  Funding is also secured for the financial year 2024-25.  We look forward to working with you when you’re ready.

The Parish Council Domains Helper Team

Tim Willott, Sandra Lowe, Karen Gibbard and Stephanie Palmer

E: [email protected]

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