Moving to domains: the next phase

28 November 2023

The initiative to encourage and support councils to adopt a domain is now moving to the next phase. As you’ll know from previous communications, adopting a domain increases your council’s cyber security, gives control over web and email management – which is so crucial for organisational changes and unforeseen circumstances – and importantly, promotes credibility, trust, and consistency in online communications.

In this next six month phase, the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) will be supporting 50 volunteer councils who want to move to a domain. Each participating council will be entitled to claim back the cost of buying their domain name, via their domain registrars.

You may remember that this initiative was originally called the ‘Small Organisation Helper Service’. To reflect its bespoke nature, this has now changed to the ‘Parish Council Domains Helper Service’. Available support will take councils all the way through the process from decision making, finding the right domain registrar, the adoption and migration process, through to maintaining professional standards of use.

What will really set the service apart, however, is its understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by councils. The CDDO team recognise that venturing into a new digital world can be daunting, and are committed to making this transition as smooth and beneficial as possible.  

If you’d like to register your interest in this phase of the Domains Helper Service please complete this online form, and they’ll be back in touch with you shortly.  If you would like further information on domains, simply email [email protected].

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