NABMA proposes business rescue package for UK markets

2 April 2020

Many of you will operate markets in your area and will be keenly aware of the difficulties that the market trade will be suffering throughout this period of social distancing and restriction on movement.

The National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) has been in talks with government to draw up support measures for markets and market traders and have produced a list of five key points to be incorporated as part of a business rescue package which they believe are essential to support British markets throughout the current pandemic and beyond.

  • Support for Traders and Small Businesses
  • A Business Interruption Compensation Scheme – reflecting ‘lost rents’
  • Market Start Back Grant Scheme – to get markets back up and running again
  • Business Rates – 100% relief for all markets
  • A national support programme to restore markets and market trading

The current crisis will inevitably have an impact on many authorities, their communities who are keen to use local markets and the wider local economy which benefits from their existence.

For further details of the NABMA campaign and press release please click here.

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