New Carbon Literacy Qualification

28 June 2022

Clerks and officers can now book onto the new Carbon Literacy Qualification which is being run by Allan Wilson and Richard Watkins from Save our Shropshire (SOS) on 22 and 29 September from 9am – 1pm (both dates are required).

This course will help you and your councils prepare a plan to tackle the climate emergency, and then make it happen cost-effectively. It will enable you to understand the dangers, the need to act, and the areas where councils can improve the future lifestyle of their community. It will give you the knowledge and confidence to help your community “live well for the planet”.

The course covers the basic science and the impact on our planet of what we do with our current lifestyles. It covers the legal and ethical reasons to act. You will get practical guidance on the activities to take within your community to make it fit for the future. It covers why and how to improve insulation of homes and buildings, get energy from renewable sources, use transport which does not use fossil fuels, eat more plant-based food (bought locally), and protect our countryside. Councils can, directly and indirectly, influence all these aspects.

Click here for more information and to book today.


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