New SLCC Podcast: ‘Saving Lives in Communities: The Role of Public Access Defibrillators’

11 June 2024

Our latest podcast, ‘Saving Lives in Communities: The Role of Public Access Defibrillators’, is now available on our website. In this episode we are joined by the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Simon Dunn, Head of Circuit Operations, and Sam Kennard, Programme Manager, Health Partnerships and Community Resuscitation.

BHF has been leading the way in promoting the use of defibrillators in communities across the UK. Their Circuit program helps individuals and organisations register and locate defibrillators, ensuring that these life-saving devices are readily available in case of a cardiac arrest. While over 90,000 defibrillators have been registered so far, there is still a need for more coverage. The British Heart Foundation encourages town, parish and community councils, and community groups, to register their defibrillators and actively maintain them to serve their communities effectively.

Simon and Sam discuss the importance of registering defibrillators on The Circuit, how straight forward they are to use when needed, and general upkeep of the devices.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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