New SLCC Podcast – ‘Serious Violence: A joined-up approach’

28 November 2023

SLCC’s podcast ‘Serious Violence: A joined-up approach’ is now live on our website. In this episode Shelley Parker FSLCC, SLCC External Affairs & Policy Development Manager, is joined by retired Chief Constable, James Vaughan.

In this episode, James discusses recent upward trends in serious violence and how new measures such as the Violence Duty, Violence Reduction Units and Offensive Weapon Homicide Reviews are contributing to the response. We explore the vital role of local councils in working with other local partners to reduce violence and share some good practice on knife crime reduction from Dorset. James also reflects on the perception that knife-crime and serious violence is only a problem in large cities.

Reducing serious violence and particularly murder are among top priorities for the government. Following a 30-year career in policing, James has been appointed by the Home Secretary to chair a new national oversight committee, leading Offensive Weapon Homicide Reviews across England and wales, in a structured pilot to understand how we can prevent murder in adults.

Click here to listen to the episode.

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