No Change to Procurement Rules

5 November 2021

There has been a suggestion that the procurement rules for town and parish councils in England have changed since Brexit and the end of the transitional period on 31 December 2020. This is not correct.

The rules on using Contracts Finder for contracts where the expected value exceeds £25,000 were always rules under domestic law and nothing to do with the European Union. There has been no change to these rules.

The only change has been one of procedure, but only affecting contracts exceeding the ‘threshold’ (formerly the ‘EU threshold’). Very few contracts entered into by town and parish councils will exceed the threshold (£4,733,252 for contracts for works). The former requirement for above-threshold contracts to be advertised in the Official Journal of the EU has been replaced by a requirement to use the Government’s ‘Find a Tender’ service.

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