Operation London Bridge – New advice pack available

10 May 2021

Is your council ready to go when the inevitable happens?

Launched today on the SLCC website, a new advice pack with guidance on Operation London Bridge.

Operation London Bridge is the plan for what will happen in the UK following the death of a senior national figure, this guidance is based on Queen Elizabeth II, however, you can take elements of this for other senior members of the royal family.

The comprehensive pack includes:

  • Advice Note – all you need to know including the mourning period, condolence book, how to present your website and public holidays
  • Action Plan (Guidance Note) – actions your council should consider carrying out NOW to be prepared
  • Calendar (Guidance Note) – a calendar of actions your council should take listed by days, from D-Day to D+11 and beyond.
  • Suppliers List (Model Document) – an example list of suppliers

The pack provides all the necessary measures which can be put in place by each council but are not compulsory or mandatory.

Philip Peacock PSLCC, clerk to Huntingdon Town Council and trainer of the ‘Operation London Bridge Webinar’ advises, ‘It is key is to discuss your preparation plans early, do not wait until the event itself. Make sure that when the inevitable happens, you are ready to go.’

The next Operation London Bridge webinar training will take place 25 May at 2pm. Click here to attend the hour webinar for £30 + VAT for members.

Click here to view the comprehensive advice for SLCC members.

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