PKF Littlejohn External Auditor Webinar

21 March 2019

PKF Littlejohn, the external auditors to the majority of local councils in England have recorded a training webinar which updates listeners with the main changes for the 2018/19 year end and cover some of the areas that caused common errors or misunderstandings in 2017/18.

You can access the webinar on their website here (and via YouTube with the above title). The slides including speaker notes are also available on the website.

For this webinar, there is no interactive question and answer session; however, any questions arising from the webinar can be emailed to the auditors at [email protected] and they will include any frequently asked questions and answers on our website as they did last year.

It is important to note, especially for any new clerks, that the PowerPoint slides from the 2017/18 detailed webinar will remain available on their website, amended for any significant changes. The 2017/18 slides cover the following areas:


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