Plantscape, Stratford in Bloom and Stratford BID join forces to create exceptional floral displays

6 November 2023

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Plantscape, Stratford in Bloom and Stratford BID, working alongside Stratford-upon-Avon council, have collaborated in creating beautiful floral displays across Stratford-Upon-Avon’s town centre.

The partnership has come together to develop the best floral displays the community has seen yet. After initially answering Stratford in Bloom’s tender and then Stratford BID’s tender for this project, Plantscape were awarded the contracts.

Plantscape not only met but exceeded expectations of their requirements, through the inclusion of pollinator-friendly plants with a peat-free growing medium in Plantscape’s famous 7-day watering planters. Creating a floral display designed to boost local biodiversity whilst maintain the town’s aesthetic and beauty.

The collaboration between all the stakeholders contributed to maximising not only the aesthetics of the displays, making them enjoyable for the community and tourists alike, but also the opportunity to enhance pollinator habitats.

Each organisation brought in diverse expertise, opportunities and new ideas that allowed the community to enjoy imaginative and magical displays.

Sales Executive for Plantscape, Alan McGregor, commented: I really enjoyed working with the Stratford in Bloom and Stratford BID teams and we created a fantastic floral display that all the visitors and residents enjoyed.

Cohl Warren-Howles, Chair of Stratford in Bloom, commented: We went with Plantscape primarily due to their environment approach.

Kate Rolfe, Mayor for Stratford upon Avon, commented: The planters and flowers as so glorious this year.

Plantscape’s summer floral displays are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, especially situated on Henley Street, near the popular attraction of Shakespeare’s birthplace.

Plantscape attended Stratford in Bloom committee meetings helping them in the designing and planning of their summer floral displays.

To check out the beautiful displays on offer, watch the video here.

To discover more about Plantscape’s full product range, visit their website here.

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