Minute Taking

Edition:2nd, 2012
Author:Lee Comer & Paul Ticher
This book shows why minutes matter and how they are vitally important to all organisations. It has been revised and updated to take account of new ways of working, including the increasing use of technology.

Using practical examples this book provides essential, in-depth guidance on how to produce accurate, brief and clear minutes which meet all legal requirements. It includes many tips and techniques to ease the task on minute taking and to lessen the amount of time it can take to produce minutes, importance of data management and security, impact of virtual meetings on the minute -taking process and increasing importance of minutes as regulatory and legal documents.

This book is brilliant; it sits well alongside the likes of CAB, Accounts & Audit books that sit on a Clerk’s shelf.  The introduction, giving the honourable history of the minute taking, set the pace and the book grows in strength. It's reasoning for how minutes should be set out, along with the pro formats it suggests, are very useful.
How to listen, along with what good minutes look like, with various suggestions on how to approach the wording, along with giving many examples is very good.
There are sections which give suggestions on the use of written minutes alongside the use of a laptop; how to ask the meeting for clarification; the contents of the minutes, with various options to think about minuting the votes; and separating the decision point from the action point; the use of draft action sheets, to the finishing section on abbreviations for the use in note taking. This book held my interest all the way through and has proved to be well worth buying. I just wish this book was available at the start of my career, 7 years ago”.
Sarah Jeffries, Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield, Wiltshire
Minute Taking
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