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Keeping Volunteers - A guide to retaining good people

Edition:1st Edition, 2002 updated reprint 2013
Author:Steve McCurley & Rick Lynch
Attracting suitable volunteers to your organisation is in itself a challenge.  But once you've found the right people, how do you hold on to them?  Many organisations focus too strongly on finding volunteers and not enough on keeping them, leading to the costly and time-consuming process of having to replace those who leave.


Keeping Volunteers provides a comprehensive overview of this issue.  It looks at reasons why volunteers become dissatisfied and presents tried and tested methods that can help to improve volunteer commitment and make volunteering more fulfilling.

Chapters include:

  • Welcoming volunteers to the team
  • Making volunteers feel special
  • Instilling organisational values in volunteers
  • Sustaining retention along the volunteer life cycle
  • Handling volunteer burnout


Written in a practical and easy-to-read style, Keeping Volunteers is an essential resource for managers of volunteer programmes and an invaluable companion to Recruiting Volunteers.

Keeping Volunteers - A guide to retaining good people
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