PEP Talk

Author:Ken Hancott
When life’s getting you down, sometimes a PEP Talk is all you need!
Fuelled by positivity and empowerment, PEP Talk provides proven psychotherapy techniques for readers to work with themselves in order to improve their positive mental health performance.
Taking the reader through personal life examples in a humorous manner, PEP Talk shows how our beliefs, habits, behaviour and influences can all affect our well-being.
With so much emphasis currently being placed on dealing with mental health issues, PEP Talk offers a unique perspective that delivers methods that could prevent these issues in the first place.
Sit back. Relax. Your PEP Talk journey begins here…
“Simple, enlightening and do-able. What’s not to like?” Dr. Andy Cope
“If only I had read Ken’s PEP Talk before I started ski jumping!” Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards
Ken Hancott lives in Leicestershire. He is the owner and principal trainer of Tarragon Training, who specialise in Positive Psychology training to improve team motivation, working environments/culture, performance and communication. Having over 25 years’ experience in managing and motivating sales and marketing teams for global corporations, Ken re-trained in psychology to fulfil his passion for helping people change for the better. Working closely with medical professionals within the NHS for over 5 years, he has already trained around the UK at NHS Trusts, NHS England and University Hospitals – not only supplying personal and practical skills to increase motivation, but additionally teaching motivational interviewing techniques to professionals working with the public to become truly effective at changing behaviour, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. He is also a public speaker
PEP Talk
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