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A collection of 6 Leader Workbooks based on the 6 key leadership criteria that will help leaders and managers to appraise their people in a proven, intellectual and structured way. The workbooks provide the tools needed to effect better appraisals, whilst at the same time helping to develop the skills and potential of their people. Leadership 360 is a powerful and proven tool that helps leaders become more effective in their dealings with people, situations, and outcomes. Leadership 360 helps provide intellectual stimulus, instils emotional and organisational rigour and teaches the potency of empowerment.

Leadership 360 will help your leaders and managers to develop their own potential and that of their people. It will help them to develop skills and discover unknown talents in themselves and the people who report to them. Importantly, utilisation and implementation of Leadership 360 techniques will add inestimable value to any organisation.

Each book can be purchased individually in the bookshop.
Leadership 360 Leader Workbooks - Bruck Payne Associates
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