Enhanced knowledge

This course is specifically designed for students in England and Wales who have completed the Introduction to Local Council Administration (ILCA) and are aspiring to complete the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA).

Launched on 1st April 2021, this online course, equivalent to Level 2, will develop your knowledge, confidence and skills, bridging the gap between the two courses and building your portfolio ready for you to begin CiLCA. Even if you don’t go on to complete CiLCA, this course will still provide a strong foundation of knowledge which can be applied to your role.

£120 + VAT for members and non-members.

Are you a clerk in Wales? You could be eligible for a bursary towards 50% of the cost. Click here to find out more.

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What will I learn?

Further your understanding of the legal framework, how a council operates, how responsibilities are allocated and how to manage council activities and finances. The course doesn’t cover every detail but it does give you the advantage and prepare you for studying CiLCA.

  1. The Core Roles establishes your place in local government and the duties and responsibilities of the council as a corporate body, individual councillors, the chairman and the clerk. It examines the role of the clerk more closely including the clerk as a researcher, administrator and manager. It stresses good communication skills and the use of information and communications technology.
  2. Law and Procedure establishes the council’s legal framework including duties, powers and other statutory requirements. It introduces agendas, minutes, meeting procedures, and the value of standing orders, delegation and committee structures. We note the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), election processes, the standards framework and the need to keep up to date with legislation.
  3. Finance introduces the role of the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) and proper financial practices, accounts, financial procedures and accounting regulations. We consider budgeting, the precept, audits, insurance, income generation and the management of risk.
  4. Management establishes the role of the council and its officers in planning, managing, funding and reviewing projects, services, assets and facilities. It provides guidance on managing staff, contracts and the performance of the council as a whole, stressing the need for on-going training and development.
  5. Community is the heart of the matter. You identify community needs and plans; you engage with the planning system and get to know the community well. We introduce community representation, engagement, empowerment and support. We stress partnership working, public relations and raising the council’s profile in the community.

How will I learn?

  • As soon as payment has been received and processed, you will have access to the online course for twelve months.
  • Delivered in a series of webinars, the course has five modules and each module contains several tasks, questions and explanations. Click here to view the webinar dates for 2021.
  • The webinars are delivered in six repeated blocks throughout the year.
  • You will have the opportunity to complete an additional ‘research and writing’ task, which can strengthen your ability to deal with the types of questions that are posed in CiLCA.
  • To gain a certificate and 12 CPD points, you will need to attend all 9 webinars and pass all following submission work required.


When Registering…

Important: Please ensure that, when you register for ILCA to CiLCA online, you login and register for yourself and not on behalf of someone else.

If you have a colleague who wishes to register for ILCA to CiLCA please ask them to setup a user account here.