The Level 7 Masters in Public Leadership qualification is a 2 year part time, distance learning course specifically designed for graduate local council officers. It is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to address the challenges of community leadership in our demanding political climate. The focus is on collaborating with partners on innovative projects, empowering local communities, improving public services and driving forward policy development.

The MA provides opportunities for investigating published ideas in depth and reflecting on practice in local council settings. It examines the complex organisational landscape of local leadership and supports original research that develops our understanding of how local councils contribute to community life.

Course Start Date: 01 April 2024

Applications close: 23 February 2024

Entry Requirements

  • BA Honours Degree in Community Governance
    or BA in Local Policy from the University of Gloucestershire
    or BA Honours Degree in Community Engagement & Governance from Gloucestershire
  • Honours Degree in relevant topic area and extensive experience in Local Government sector.
    Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Community Governance Programme Leadership Team.


£7000 spread across two years

  • Initial deposit of £375
    Covers the administration and registration process for starting the qualification
  • First year fee £3125
  • Second year fee £3500

Course Modules

  • Leading Change
  • Empowering Communities
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Designing Public Services
  • Policy into Practice


The course is delivered by from highly experienced and qualified tutors through in person study days, online lectures and tutorials.
You will have access to De Montfort University online learning environment, full access to a university library and student support services.