SLCC Educational Trust Training and Education Grant Scheme

8 July 2024

The SLCC Educational Trust’s Training and Education Grant Scheme is now open for applications. Whereas the Trust continues to work towards charitable status, it is currently operating as a committee of the SLCC so that it can start awarding these grants, which will be considered at its Trustee Board meetings in July, September and November 2024.

The Trust has agreed to award up to £15,000 in grants this year, in addition to a single bursary for 90% of the annual course fee for a student of Community Governance in 2025 (applications for the latter will be considered at the November meeting of the Board).

Through these grants, the Trust aims to equip a wide range of applicants with the knowledge and skills required to better serve their councils and local communities for the public benefit; as well as enhancing the general public’s understanding of local councils, their staff, and their role in local communities.

For more information click here to visit the Trust’s website.

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