SLCC Meets Governments Neighbourhood Planning Champion

23 May 2019

From left to right (seated) John Howell MP, Andrew Towlerton, (standing) Cath Adams, Graeme Markland,
Janet Wheeler, Graham Hunt, David Martin and Mark Williams

A delegation from SLCC met this month in Henley on Thames with John Howell MP, the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Champion, to discuss progress with neighbourhood planning and next steps. The delegation included David Martin, Corsham Town Council; Janet Wheeler and Cath Adams, Henley on Thames Town Council; Mark Williams, Falmouth Town Council as well as Graham Hunt and Graeme Markland, Thame Town Council and Andrew Towlerton SLCC’s National Planning Advisor.

The meeting resulted in a useful exchange of ideas and experiences. A more detailed summary of the meeting will feature in a future edition of the Clerk Magazine.

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