SLCC members say Highway Reinstatements should be Guaranteed for Five Years

20 June 2019

Responding to a Government Consultation on the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways, SLCC has indicated its strong opinion that 5 years is the appropriate guarantee period for all reinstatements.

This view reflected individual comments received as well as the poll of members attending two major events over the consultation period. Over 78% of respondents considered that this was the correct period; only 9% disagreed. SLCC considers that this period is necessary to ensure that the roads are kept up to a good standard and avoid unnecessary repairs (especially pot holes) and the associated risks to vehicles, the environment, highway safety and the safe movement of traffic.

Potholes are a significant, and growing, concern for many of our members’ councils especially in those areas that are prone to potholes, for example, where drainage is poor or where vehicular traffic is high. A five year guarantee period will make an important contribution in ensuring that when carrying out street works, utility companies will reinstate the highway to high and prescribed standards.

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