SLCC urges Secretary of State to change key funding rules

19 March 2019

SLCC has joined sector partners in urging Communities and Local Government Secretary, Rt Hon James Brokenshire, to change the rules for several recent key Government funding initiatives from which town and parish councils are currently excluded.  

The Future High Street Fund, the Parks Funding launched by Mr Brokenshire last month and the Stronger Towns Fund are all accessible directly to principal councils. Similarly, disabled persons seeking election to local councils are excluded from the benefits of the Enable Fund for Disabled Candidates provided through the Government Equalities Office.

SLCC argues that local councils are at the heart of their communities and have continually demonstrated that they are not inhibited by the complex administrative structures of many principal local authorities and so are well placed to react speedily to bring about change within those communities. A small change to the legal definition of “local authorities” in the initiatives mentioned would release the capacity of local councils to fulfil their potential and speedily deliver on the Government’s priorities.

The full text of SLCC’s representations can be viewed here

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