SLCC’s Annual Awards – Cast Your Vote!

28 April 2022

The SLCC’s Annual Awards celebrate the skills, dedication, and professionalism of senior officers serving councils large and small throughout England and Wales.

Submit your nomination(s) and a panel appointed by SLCC’s Board of Directors will determine the best three nominees in each category and the winner will be announced at the National Conference on 2 November.

The various categories of awards are:

• New Clerk of the Year – Presented to a member who has excelled in the early stages of their clerk’s career. Nominees can be any clerk with less than three years’ service in the role (any clerk who entered the profession after 1 September 2019).
• Bryan Metcalf Award for volunteering – Awarded in memory of one of SLCC’s greatest and longest serving volunteers, this award is presented to a member who has demonstrated exceptional voluntary service to SLCC.
• Professional innovation award – Awarded to recognise your SLCC’s core values, this award is presented to a member who has demonstrated exceptional creativity or an innovative approach in any element of the delivery of their council’s work.
• Best magazine article by a member – Presented to the member who has contributed the best article to The Clerk magazine in the preceding year (from 1 September 2021).
• Best case study at an SLCC event – Awarded to the clerk who has presented the best-case study at an SLCC conference or Regional Training Seminar in the preceding year (from 1 September 2021).
• John Crompton award for mentoring – In recognition of outstanding contribution to the progress of SLCC and to the clerks’ profession.
• Myrna Liles award for branch growth – Awarded to the branch with the biggest growth in the number of members in recognition of officers’ dedication to local membership.
• Long Service Award(s) – awarded to a limited number of nominees annually who have served SLCC over an extended period. Please note that the minimum criteria for a successful nomination are: 30 years’ service as a clerk, active service to SLCC, retired or retiring between 1 June 2021 and 31 May 2022.

Click here to submit your nominations.

We ask that you submit your nomination with a statement no longer than 300 words and complete it before the 1 September 2022.

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