9 March 2022

Council of European Municipalities and Regions Condemns Attack

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the Society of Local Council Clerks is supporting the National Association of Local Council’s and the Local Government Association’s endorsement of the statement from the political leadership of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions.

The statement strongly condemns the multiple attacks and violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, in support and solidarity with Ukraine, its people, and peers in local and regional government. The statement currently has over 540 signatures from local and regional leaders in 23 European countries:

“We, local and regional leaders across Europe, strongly condemn the multiple attacks and violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We express our full support and solidarity to the Ukrainian people and our peers in local and regional government. We will not accept that our European values and integrity be attacked again by the Russian Federation after the violation of Georgian territories by Russia in 2008. We are firmly opposed to the dismemberment of a free and democratic state in Europe.”

How Communities can Help

It’s clear that huge numbers of communities up and down England and Wales are keen to lend support to Ukrainians affected by the conflict, whether through donations or by giving items such as food, blankets, and sanitary items – and many members and councils are playing a key role in the coordination of that support.

As the tier of government most closely connected to the communities it represents, local councils are well placed to offer support and sign posting to their communities. The government has released further information and guidance on how those in the UK can support people affected in Ukraine, which members may choose to share when sign posting:

DEC Ukraine Appeal

Donations can be made to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Appeal. The government has matched pound-for-pound £25 million in donations made by the public to the appeal.

Donating Safely

There are tips on how to keep your money safe when donating to other appeals:

  • Check the charity’s name and registration number using the search the charity register tool
  • Most charities with an income of £5,000 or more must be registered, which means they are regulated by The Charity Commission
  • Make sure the charity is genuine before giving any financial information
    If in doubt, ask the charity or organisation for more information
Become a Sponsor

The government has launched a Local Sponsorship Scheme for Ukraine which will match people, charities, businesses, and community groups to Ukrainians who do not have established families in the country, so they are able to come the UK.

Further information on how to apply to be a sponsor is expected to be released soon.


The government has asked for vigilance when sharing posts on social media to confirm they are genuine and for organisations to take steps to ensure continued cyber security at this time.

If your council has been supporting those affected, please get in touch to share your work with Shelley Parker FSLCC at [email protected].

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