The Supplier Directory review system enables members to read and post reviews on the goods and/or services they have received from a supplier within the directory.

We value your contributions and encourage you to post a review to help your colleagues choose the correct supplier for their councils’ needs.

To help us ensure that this is a trustworthy source of advice, when you post a review, please ensure that it is:

  • Honest
  • Relevant & helpful
  • Recent – within the past year
  • Unbiased – we don’t allow individuals who own or are affiliated with another commercial organisation to post reviews of their business
  • First-hand – based on substantial experiences you’ve had, no second-hand information, rumours or quotations from other sources
  • Non-Commercial – does not contain links or content for promotional purposes

All reviews will be submitted to SLCC for moderation before they are posted on the website. SLCC reserve the right to edit or remove reviews where necessary.

All posted reviews will contain the members name, reviews cannot be anonymous.

If you have any questions regarding the Supplier Directory Review Guidelines please contact us.