Easy PC Accounts

Easy PC Accounts is an accounting package designed for small to medium sized Parish Councils.

The software is web based and so can be accessed from any computer with a browser and an internet connection.

Have a look at our website for more details of the software. We offer a ‘try before you buy’ facility allowing you to use the software for three months with no obligation.

Reviews for Easy PC Accounts

I have just started using EasyPC accounts. I managed to import all transaction for this year.
It has simplified things and save me time having to track down broken formulas or missing data.

It is really good for the smaller Councils, saves a lot of effort and gives a good selection of reports.
When I present this vs the alternatives for less than £100 a year, it was easy choice.
The developer has provided great guidance and documentation for the system.
Plus it allow Councillors read only access and they can see the transactions.

I have been using Easy PC since April 2019, having persuaded my Council that Excel was too clunky and slow, and recognising that the major accounting software brands were way too expensive and complex for our needs. It is brilliant for our straightforward accounts, handles the VAT reclaims perfectly, does my monthly reporting including the payment schedule and reconciliations, provides a year-to-date budget report in a couple of clicks, and even does the year end calculations. The support is good, it is robust and accessible, and excellent value for money. I was able to trial it for free alongside my manual system to prove its value to my Council before we paid for anything. Cannot recommend highly enough.

This will be our second year using Easy PC Accounts. I have to say when we tested the software I input the 20-21 accounts and checked the results to our already confirmed and audited data, the result was not a problem, the data was perfect and so easy to run off the various reports.

All in all the best thing we have done. I can’t recommend it enough and all backed up with a fast reliable support service

I’ve been using EasyPC at two councils for 5 years. It offers everything a small council needs and takes away all the effort involved with wrangling spreadsheets to produce the information – and documentation – you need. Interim and annual accounts, reconciliations etc are available with a couple of clicks. It’s based in the cloud, so you can use it on any PC at home or in the office. And it’s considerably cheaper than the alternatives.