soVision IT Ltd

soVision IT has over many years of working with Local councils adopted a set of True North values that enables us to understand each councils unique technology requirements and how to meet them.

  • Tailored Solutions: soVision IT can provide tailored IT solutions to meet the specific needs of local councils. We work with local councils to understand the unique challenges they face, such as data security, compliance, and scalability. Our solutions can be customised in order to meet local councils requirements.
  • Cost Efficiency: Entrusting your IT support to soVision IT you can lead to cost savings for local councils. Outsourcing IT support eliminates the need for hiring and training in-house IT staff, investing in expensive infrastructure, and dealing with ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Focus on Core Functions: Local councils can focus on their core functions and responsibilities by offloading their IT support to a trusted partner like soVision IT. Our services can help local councils free up their staff to concentrate on delivering essential public services and addressing community needs rather than dealing with IT issues.
  • Enhanced Security: soVision IT have a commitment to maintaining high levels of security for the council’s sensitive data. We have a strict approach to data protection, cybersecurity measures, and compliance with relevant regulations. We will proactively monitor and respond to any potential security threats.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: soVision IT have a tried and tested ability to scale IT support services according to the council’s changing needs. We have the capacity to accommodate growth, handle increased workloads during peak periods, and quickly adapt to emerging technologies and trends.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: soVision IT utilize proactive monitoring and maintenance practices that can prevent potential IT issues before they become major problems. We perform regular system updates, patch management, and proactive troubleshooting to minimize downtime and disruptions to local councils.
  • Customer Service and Responsiveness: The best technology, systems and processes are underpinned by providing excellent customer service and being responsive to the council’s needs. soVision IT have developed effective support ticket systems, and service level agreements (SLAs) that ensure prompt response times and issue resolution.

For more information on the services soVision IT can offer please visit our website or call 0117 986 4026.