The Clerk – March Edition Now Available!

18 February 2021
The Clerk, March 2021 edition

The latest digital version of The Clerk magazine is now available online here.

This edition’s special feature is on Council and Staff Management and includes advice on business plans, employee engagement, cyber security and much more.

In a very timely article, Cally Morris, Clerk to Burghfield PC, shares her findings on emotional intelligence and how this can impact on decision-making, especially since the advent of remote meetings. The research was completed as part of Cally’s Community Governance studies and explores the idea that there is an opportunity for these skills to be developed and used in a positive way going forward. It’s another topical issue with all the regular features which you have come to expect and lots, lots more.

If you would like to contribute an article to coming editions of The Clerk, please contact the Editor, Lydia Smithson, [email protected]

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