The Impact Tool – Find your Carbon Footprint

4 March 2021

The Impact tool for parish-scale carbon footprinting has been launched by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and the University of Exeter. The tool has been developed in response to requests from parishes for simple to use, easy to interpret data on emissions at the local level. CSE was able to make the case to the Government to provide funding towards the development of this tool in part due to evidence of need gathered from clerks and councillors across England who took part in the CSE/SLCC climate emergency webinar series during 2020.

The aim of the tool is to allow non-expert users to see their parish’s carbon footprint, and to compare it to other parishes, or to their local authority, or even to the national average. The tool also has a page entitled ‘Using the tool’ which gives further detail on how to interpret the results, and links to resources and other organisations that can help.

Click here to access the tool

The video below provides a guided tour of its functions and explains what the results mean for different communities.

Applicable in England only