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4 August 2021

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Scott Storey from OpusXenta will be on the road to meet with local parishes to discuss the benefits of RecordKeepr! For smaller and historical cemeteries, digitising records, mapping, and maintaining legislative compliance has been cost prohibitive… Until now! RecordKeepr is a simple-to-use solution that delivers effective record management and digital mapping, as well as the features you need to:

  • Track your records and locate information
  • Ensure compliance with record keeping legislation
  • Tracking of available inventory
  • Prices at £45 or less

At each of the locations listed below you are invited to join Scott in person for Coffee and a short presentation as to how RecordKeepr will deliver tremendous benefit to your management of cemetery records and deliver enhanced functionality for your communities.

Here are four ways in which cemeteries can benefit from this exciting new technology;

1. Protect fragile documents – Digitising your records provides a host of benefits for customers, employees and stakeholders alike; it ensures that the information is protected from overuse, accidents or natural disasters and enables key data to be accessed instantly at the click of a button. In addition to protecting fragile documents by immortalising them in digital form, this approach can also provide lucrative opportunities for cemeteries to increase their income through the printing of entries or the supply of digital copies.

2. Remain compliant – Managing a small, but busy cemetery operation can come with a number of challenges, but statutory compliance needn’t be one of them. Record management solutions enable all of the necessary information to be readily available as and when required, without needing to pull valuable resources away from other tasks. RecordKeepr comprehensively tracks all your records to ensure statutory compliance and ease of finding the right information as and when it is needed. The information tracked includes:

Burial and memorial locations
Rights of Interment / Burial Rights
Deceased Persons
• Exhumations
Documents and images

3. Enhance public searches – Records management systems enable the public to easily search for information on a deceased person, without needing to take up additional resources to assist them. RecordKeepr provides a unique URL that can be added to your cemetery or parish website to enable deceased search. Record management systems which include mapping take this one step further by providing a visual aid to showcase graves, mausolea and ash placements. RecordKeepr operates with our free mapping tool MapMakr allowing you to pinpoint locations in your cemetery, without having to incur expensive surveying costs. This not only frees up internal resources as the public can conduct searches independently but helps to attract new interest from those who may be interested in genealogy or local history.

4. Track your inventory status – Understanding what capacity you have at any given moment is vital to optimising any business operation and cemeteries are no exception. Record management solutions enable managers to quickly obtain information regarding current inventory, including reserved and sold plots. Once recorded, this information can be automatically updated, and when combined with mapping, can provide a visual resource which not only shows current availability, but provides a valuable navigation asset for customers too.

So please do join us on the following dates;

  • Tuesday 10 August – Plymouth
  • Wednesday 11 August – Taunton
  • Thursday 12 August – Poole
  • Tuesday 24 August – Portsmouth
  • Wednesday 25 August – Guildford
  • Thursday 26 August – Maidstone
  • Tuesday 7 September – Peterborough
  • Wednesday 8 September – Lincoln
  • Thursday 9 September – York

OpusXenta is excited to share this new way of working with you. If you are interested in attending any of these dates please email; [email protected].


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