Thinking about moving across to a domain?

27 June 2024

The Parish Council Domains Helper Service has been set up by the Cabinet Office to provide the support that parish councils need to move successfully to a domain.

Support includes:

  • Access to funding – The Cabinet Office has secured funding of £100 +VAT to help eligible parish councils offset the initial costs of setting up a domain
  • Virtual group sessions – Taking you through the whole process of moving to a domain – from making the decision to go ahead, choosing the right Approved Registrar for your council’s needs, all the way through to domain set-up and building good working practices
  • Practical reference guides – All sessions are accompanied by guides containing everything a clerk needs to know about moving to a domain – tips, templates, checklists and more
  • Technical expertise – their shortlist of Approved Registrars have committed to providing an enhanced level of support to reflect councils’ support needs including service and device set up

Why move to a domain now?

  • The JPAG Practitioners’ Guide for 2024 recommends a domain, stating: ‘community, suppliers and partners will now reasonably expect a local council to have a domain.’ It’s a sign of good practice and professionalism, and demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding your council’s business online
  • In future years, the Parish Council Domains Helper Service is likely to operate on a more self-help basis. If you think your council is likely to need comprehensive support, then this is the year to engage
  • Cabinet Office funding is finite. It is available across the financial year 24/25 to support 1,000 eligible councils. It is highly unlikely that this will be available in future years. To date, more than 270 councils have already claimed their £100 +VAT

Register your interest:

It’s quick and easy to do – complete your details in this  registration form and they’ll send you a welcome pack and a link to sign up for one of their introductory sessions. Your questions can be sent to  [email protected]k

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