Town Councils for Torquay and Paignton move a step closer

4 July 2019

After discussing the results of a recent consultation (when the public had actually rejected the proposal), a Torbay Council working party has recommended to the council’s cabinet that it should go ahead with the next phase of consultation on creating new town councils for Paignton (49,000 approximate population) and Torquay (65,000).

It proposed the structure of the new councils should reflect the current Torbay Council wards and number of councillors with a £90 limit on the initial average council tax bill (compared to estimates of £300 reported during the first consultation). It also recommended asking people in the Churston with Galmpton ward whether they wanted to come under Brixham or Paignton.

Meanwhile, during yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Theresa May said Northamptonshire County Council and the county’s seven district authorities must be replaced “as soon as possible”. The county’s local government is being reorganised by order of the government following the county council’s financial collapse, with elections next May to decide on two new shadow authorities, and new councils to come into being in April 2021. The move is expected to see the creation of new town councils for Northampton (165,000), Kettering (54,000), Wellingborough (52,000) and probably Corby (60,000) by 1st April next year.

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