Update on the Revised Model Contract

24 February 2022

The current model contract was published in 2011 – accordingly, it is ready to be reviewed.

SLCC’s Chief Executive, Rob Smith, and Head of Member Services, Naomi Bibi, are looking forward to meeting with Linda Hedley, General Secretary, Richard Wilkins, Chairman, and Jenny Farrar, Deputy Chair of the Association of Local Council Clerks (ALCC), to formally discuss an updated model contract.

Although negotiating staff terms and conditions is a trade union activity, we are keen to support our members’ call for a revised model contract and to pass this feedback onto ALCC as they seek to progress the review with the National Association of Local Councils (NALC).

We will keep members updated on the outcome of the meeting and the next steps being taken by the ALCC to move this important matter forward for members.

[1] The ALCC is the only trade union dedicated to supporting people working in the local council sector across England and Wales. The ALCC is committed to serving the interests of their members and stands for their right to be respected, listened to, and treated fairly whilst at work. ALCC members benefit from professional support, advice, and representation in accordance with our approved terms of service.


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