Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA)


Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA)

Broad Knowledge

This Level 3, foundation qualification provides you with a broad knowledge of all the aspects of a clerk’s work – roles and responsibilities, the law, procedures, finance planning and community involvement.

Are you a clerk? We recommend that you’re in post for a minimum of 12 months before starting this qualification.

Exciting Announcement - FREE CiLCA registrations!

The Welsh Government is pleased to announce a significant uplift in the bursary to increase the number of CiLCA-qualified Clerks in Wales. This uplift will allow for over 40 new registrations in the financial year 2019-20 and is for councils with an annual budgeted income of up to £100k for this year.

Click here to view the criteria and apply.

Benefits of CiLCA

Study CiLCA and learn the tools to:

  • Make confident, informative decisions for your council and your community
  • Advise the council on its duties and powers
  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • Ensure your council is compliant with proper financial practices
  • Set a vision for the future for your council and your community
  • Respond to questions and problems with a dynamic, ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Advise and support the council as it identifies and implements plans for the future
  • CiLCA forms part of the criteria for the council to exercise the General Power of Competence. Find out more about the General Power of Competence.

Who can take CiLCA?

CiLCA is suitable for all officers working with local councils. Councillors and officers of advisory bodies have also taken CiLCA in the past. CiLCA is flexible enough to suit candidates from the diversity of local councils. When a council’s chief officer (clerk) has CiLCA , s/he is eligible in England to apply for the Local Council Award Scheme (Quality and Quality Gold) and are also able to use the general power of competence.

How much is it?

The registration fee for CiLCA is £350 (non-vatable).

The full four-day course is £340 + VAT for members or £390 + VAT for non-members (in addition to the registration fee).

Do you work for a council in Wales with a turnover (i.e. annual budgeted income) of under £40,000? Apply for a bursary to cover 50%.


The current re-sit fee is £10 per learning outcome. There is no charge for the first referral. If successfully passed, you will receive your certificate in the post. Download the CiLCA Referral Form

View more information on referrals in the Referrals Policy 2019

What is the process?

  1. Go on a SLCC CilCA training session or a CiLCA training session offered by your County Association.
  2. Contact your local County Training Partnership who will be able to assist you in organising training and development to help you achieve the qualification or find an SLCC CiLCA training session near you. When booking your CiLCA training session lookout for the CiLCA recognised trainer logo. If you can’t find a course near you then let us know by completing an ‘Expressions of Interest’ form.
  3. Register for your CiLCA qualification online after you have attended your first training session. The cost to register is £350* (non-vatable). Please ensure that the name you register for the qualification is the name of the student on the course. You will have 12 months from registration to complete the course.
  4. Your Login Details:
    You will then receive your details to login to the online portfolio tool called EMMA where you can upload your completed work. Please note that this can take up to four weeks, but your 12-month completion period begins from the date of registration. This will be noted on your registration email.
  5. Use the portfolio guide to help you study:
    2017 Portfolio Guide in English
    2017 Portfolio Guide in Welsh
    Gan bod ein staff gweinyddu yn ddi Gymraeg, oes modd gofyn unrhyw gwestiwn yn Saesneg os gwelwch yn dda.
  6. Submit your portfolio using EMMA.

CiLCA Recognised Trainer

“The feedback from the assessor was invaluable and they NEVER criticised – only offered assistance and guidance where and when needed. I will certainly recommend anyone to use EMMA for their CILCA portfolio.” Jane Tyrrell, Hartley Parish Council