Why should your town, parish or community council have a .gov.uk domain?

12 July 2023

Most public sector organisations must use a .gov.uk or other government domain name for their websites, emails and services.
A .gov.uk domain name is like a street address, there would be lots of organisations on the same street, all with their own address. For example, HMRC, your local town council and even the Prime Minister would have addresses on .gov.uk street. They are all part of the same domain but have unique addresses. Click here to find out more about .gov.uk

There are many benefits of using a .gov.uk domain for your council including:

  • A unique address to help people find the council website
  • Outgoing .gov.uk emails are more likely to be cleared by security filters and delivered successfully
  • You can control access to official papers and correspondence day to day
  • Local council officers won’t have to surrender private emails if you have a freedom of information or data request
  • Your domain will be monitored by the Central Digital and Data Office’s Domain Management Team
  • As .gov.uk domains are based within UK jurisdiction they have better legal protection

Click here to read the full benefits.

Click here to apply for a .gov.uk domain name.

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