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Frequently Asked Question’s

Do I have to be a clerk to join the Society?
No, membership is open to every clerk, deputy clerk, assistant clerk or other officer with deputising responsibility who work in the town, community & parish sector. All others with a role or interest in local councils may apply for services as affiliate members. Click here to find out what type of membership you need.

Who pays my subscription to the Society?
Either the clerk or the council can pay for the subscription. Many councils realise the benefits of having a clerk who is properly trained and fully briefed on the issues of the day and has access to fast accurate advice on the problems that they face. The majority of councils pay for the clerks subscription. Click here to view information on making your case for membership.

How are subscription calculated?
Subscriptions are based on the clerks annual salary.

What if I clerk to more than one parish?
Members who work for more than one parish should combine their salaries to calculate the correct subscription.

What is the difference between the Society and NALC/One Voice Wales
The SLCC is the only professional body specifically for clerks and other staff in local council. NALC and its different County Associations in England and One Voice in Wales serve councils as corporate bodies. We work closely with NALC/CALCS and One Voice and there is some crossover in services (eg we are all training organisations). It is strongly recommended that the council belongs to NALC/One Voice and that the clerk is a member of the Society. Click here to read more.

If I leave my council does the membership travel with me?
It really depends who paid for the subscription. If in the case that the council pays then the membership stays with the council and cannot be transferred to another council if the member moves, (this is taken up by their successor). If the member pays for the subscription then the subscription stays with the member.

If I join the Society now, does my membership start from now or the beginning of the year?
Membership to the Society is on rolling basis, so if you start now your next subscription will be due in a years’ time.

Can I still be a member after I leave the Council?
Yes, you can take up membership as a past service member for a nominal fee.

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